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The Girl From the Pie Shop

Early afternoon light streamed in from the plate glass windows of the small, bustling diner, illuminating the cramped interior with its century old décor.  The mingled smells of cinnamon, coffee, and French fries permeated the room, as the scents from the lunch crowd...

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Monday Launch Madness – Alien Incursion Is Up!

It's been a week of granular details as Ken and I worked through revisions from our editor and the Amazon KPD process. There were a number of different things we didn't think about until we were knee deep in it, including crucial details like whether the title was in...

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The Cold War: Alien Incursion

With the assistance of our editor, it looks like our first book is fit for public consumption! We'll be pressing the publish button before the end of this month (fingers crossed!) and we're excited to finally have it out into the world. It takes a lot of work for even...

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If You See It, You Can Believe It

An author I really admire and enjoy once shared her character inspiration board on Twitter. She had assembled a number of vintage photos (Victorian era) onto a Pinterest board for her steampunk romance. I thought that was pretty brilliant.  So a social media tool that...

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Renegade Profiles: Sci-Fi Author Jon Cronshaw

Author Jon Cronshaw JV: Why do dystopian/post-apocalypse novels all have zombies? Haha. Although these sub-genres have a lot of crossover, they also seem to be tackling different primal questions. With dystopian fiction, the core questions are about the ways people...

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