Month: November 2016

What Every Writer Needs to Finish NaNoWriMo

I finished 50k words tonight.  There were a lot of reasons why I didn’t think I was going to make it.  I had been traveling (3 trips in November!), I had family obligations, I had a day job that I needed in order to pay the bills. But overall, I made a big push for it and these are the things that let me get past the 50k mark in time: Family support Writing Advocates/Participants Personal Stake When I said I needed to do my writing, my spouse and my children understood.  I got up extra early some days,...

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You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

You Are a Writer By: Jeff Goins I’ve raved about Kindle Unlimited before and yet again, I find it yields a treasure trove of good non-fiction resources.  Jeff Goins has a massive following for his blog and I actually had no idea who he was, except that people on other podcasts would talk about him.  I tried to visit his website and was inundated with popups trying to sell me things.  I signed up for his email list and was immediately bombarded with high pressure sales crap to buy a seat at his nearly sold out seminar when I didn’t know the first thing about him. I looked him up on Amazon and he had NEVER published a fiction work. So far, I was NOT sold on this guy. But I did download his Manifesto (the reason I signed up to his email list, which drives me nuts because it is so spammy), and I LOVED it.  It’s very inspiring.  His resources page is great.  And his book was free on Kindle Unlimited.  So how could I go wrong? I downloaded his book and then paid $1.99 to have an Audible of it and then played it at 1.5x speed to cruise through it. It’s very short, and I think it is a nice pep talk.  This is an updated edition of his book. He shares about his personal insecurities...

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2K to 10K: Writing Faster (MORE WORDS, YO!)

2K to 10K: Writing Faster, Writing Better, and Writing More of What You Love By Rachel Aaron This is perhaps one of the most useful writing books I’ve come across so far. It is a very practical handbook, with some of the suggestions sounding so obvious that you feel ridiculous for not having done it sooner.  For 99 cents, this thing is a n0 brainer purchase. The author herself had been steadily cranking out 2k words per day, after her day job. At that point, it had been taking her three hours per writing session to reach those 2k words. Then, when she was paying for a baby sitter so that she could write, she found that despite having more writing time, her production remained 2k words per day. After months of this, she got serious. How did she address this issue? She started by planning her writing and logging her writing output. She discusses the metric she relied upon, which is the triangle of Knowledge, Time and Enthusiasm. The first step to writing faster is to know what you’re writing about before you write it. This meant she started jotting out truncated versions of her scenes by hand before writing her actual scenes. It’s inefficient to make things up as you go so sketching it out rapidly in advance speeds up the writing. Spend 5 minutes to do...

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Big Magic – A Book for Creatives

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert I am a big fan of audio books.  It’s great for not only the commute, but also long walks in the evening.  Though I wasn’t the biggest fan of Eat, Pray, Love, I stumbled upon this gem and I recommend it highly. If you don’t have an Audible account yet, I believe the first book is free and this would be the one to get! Elizabeth Gilbert herself narrates it and her voice is warm and engaging.  She speaks almost conspiratorially to the listener at times, and you can imagine that you are in...

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Start From the End

NaNoWriMo was set to start on Nov. 1 whether I had a plan or not.  So I went over to my co-blogger’s house and sat at her cozy kitchen nook and jotted down some character notes. A few minutes later, I had a vague plan.  Meet Anna, an aspiring Valkyrie. Then, before I even had written a word of her story, I went to an artist and commissioned a cover.  Here it is, thanks to the talented artist Christa H. at Paper and Sage. Despite totally pantsing it when I am by nature a plotter, this cover made it very real for me and when I complete my 50k words, I intend to buy a print to frame for my wall. I started with a pre-made and it took 4 revisions to get it exactly right.  (The package came with 3 revisions.)  I love it.  The NaNoWriMo folks have all kinds of stats on who makes it to the 50k and one of the added factors to success is having a cover.  I think I can understand why. “When you believe it, you can see it.” ~Wayne Dyer...

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