Month: April 2017

Renegade Profiles: Space Marine Author J.R. Handley

Author: J.R. Handley   JV: Tell me a little about “Team Handley” and how you work together. JR: I come up with the ideas and flesh them out with my wife and mother.  We tweak them so they flow and make sense and lately to ensure continuity.  Mostly we do this over lunch at the local Cracker Barrel; we call those our board meetings.  My mother helps keep up with my story codex to ensure I don’t contradict anything I’ve already written.  I then type the outline and we all agree on it before I jump in and start...

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I Gained 10x More Readers Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

I’m active in a few writer groups on Facebook.  The other day a video by an author who had hit the NYT and USA Today bestseller list 33 times was making the rounds.  This video was of her presentation entitled “Capturing the Golden Goose: How to Sell a Bazillion Books.”  Great subject, right? Only one problem.  She spent 1.5 hrs meandering around the topic and obscuring the gold nuggets of wisdom within. I couldn’t take it.  I also didn’t want others to suffer like I had. This author was hardworking and smart, and I was afraid her message would...

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Make It Rain: How to Sell a Bazillion Books According to Bestselling Author H.M. Ward

H.M. Ward is an unquestionably successful indie author.  Her extensive backlist of YA and New Adult romance novels have sold 13 million books worldwide and she’s hit the NYT and USA Today bestseller list a combined 33 times. She shares her thoughts on how to make it as in indie author here in a 1.5 hr long presentation. (And for those of you so inclined, you can join her writing retreat at a French Chateau the next time she has one.) I took notes of the presentation for you.  You’re welcome. Here are her two main points: Selling is...

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Want to Speed up Your Next Writing Session? Try This One Simple Thing.

Write yourself a letter.  What do I mean by that? When I finish my writing session, I leave myself a note at the bottom of the scene with bullet points of what I want to accomplish the next time I sit down to write. That’s it.  Nothing magical. It’s like David Allen (he wrote Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity) talks about.  Use the smart part of your brain to help the not-so-smart part.  He calls it the “leave it by the door trick”. I find that when I start a writing session, I’m prone to re-reading...

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The 13th Doughnut – Cold Call by Richard Fox, a Legacy Fleet novella

You know how some bakeries give you that bonus donut if you buy a dozen? There’s actually a word for it–lagniappe.  That’s what I feel like I’m getting when I read a short story set in a universe I already know and enjoy. So when I got that email from Nick Webb saying there was a blast of Kindle Worlds novellas from his world coming out last week, I was pretty interested.  Then I saw that Richard Fox (yes, that Richard Fox) had written one and I was like, “Shut up and take my money!” Legacy Fleet: Cold Call...

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