I’ve wrapped up three sci-fi book reviews on First Contact stories by indie authors.  Now it’s on to a related and equally fun subgenre, the alien invasion/colonization of Earth theme.

Apparently, I’ve been living under a rock because this is the first novel I have read of Nick Webb’s and he has really dominated the space opera charts on Amazon.  Mercury’s Bane: Book One of the Earth Dawning Series (Volume 1) is his newest and it was a rollicking good read.

Setting: Near future.

Aliens:  Humanoid, advanced race, has spoken language and can communicate with humans.  Has a political structure, has a military force.

Alien Castes/Species: One race, two factions.

Encounter: They invaded Earth, relocated humans off world to space station colonies. Enslaved various humans and experimented on others.  Basically, not a very good deal for humans.

Two settings dominate this resistance story, one battle in space by the Resistance space fleet, and the other on the ground on Earth, where the protagonist Pike seeks out a special weapon that could aid humans in their fight against their alien oppressors.  Much like the movie Wall-E, there is an exploration of a character who is not human, or not exactly, yet their acts reveal their humanity throughout.  Very enjoyable read.

Rating: 5 Blasters

ART CREDITS: Amazing art “Pod Life #1″ and “#2” by Marc-Alexandre.  His DeviantArt profile here.  

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