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Marketing Monday – A Free Story

This weekend was basically a crash course in indie publishing: Ken and I finished the book learned how to format it in Draft2Digital (love them) write a blurb load the book on Instafreebie sign up for a Sci-Fi cross-promo link it to our Mailchimp list, and set up the...

2 Military Sci Fi Books That Will Rip Your Heart Out

Sometimes you read something that is so good that you can hardly believe it.  It reaches right in and just yanks every raw emotion. That doesn't happen a lot for me.  I mean, I love a good space marine romp.  Maybe there are MECH suits, maybe there are fancy plasma...

Renegade Profiles: Space Marine Author J.R. Handley

Author: J.R. Handley   JV: Tell me a little about “Team Handley” and how you work together. JR: I come up with the ideas and flesh them out with my wife and mother.  We tweak them so they flow and make sense and lately to ensure continuity.  Mostly we do this...

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