An author I really admire and enjoy once shared her character inspiration board on Twitter. She had assembled a number of vintage photos (Victorian era) onto a Pinterest board for her steampunk romance. I thought that was pretty brilliant.  So a social media tool that I had previously thought I had no use for suddenly started to look like a great writing tool for visualization.

Digital Story Board For the Win!

No longer would I think that Pinterest was just for recipes or shopping.

Now I realized it was a digital vision board, and one I could use to help me visualize my settings, my characters, the weapons, equipment, and gear that I was writing about.

It was a huge relief and a delight to build one for Cold War.If you are researching settings, characters, weapons, tech–it can all be represented in one place.

I still use Scrivener for character sheets and setting notes, but I love the way I can see it all on the Pinterest board.

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