I had never heard of Heinlein’s Rules until I started reading Dean Wesley Smith’s blog.  The five rules are pretty straight forward and I paraphrase them here:

  1. Write.
  2. Finish what you start.
  3. Don’t rewrite except to editorial order.
  4. Market your writing.
  5. Keep marketing your writing until you get it sold.

I’m stuck at Number 2.  To me, that was my biggest accomplishment of NaNoWriMo, which was not the 50k words I pounded out, but the story I finished the month after.

The sweetest words.

Finishing the writing is the only thing I really care about right now because that’s my biggest struggle.  Presently, I have been stopping and starting on the prequel novella we started last month.  So the pressure I experience from writing and re-writing is all about having a finished product eventually.

But listening to every book marketing podcast and observing how much marketing work successful indie authors are doing every day, I am very mindful that the marketing and the selling of the writing is also super important.

So I bought Dean’s book Heinlein’s Rules: Five Simple Business Rules for Writing (WMG Writer’s Guides Book 12).  It’s a concise text, and chock full of practical information.  Mostly, it’s inspiring because it reminds you that your writing has value.

But from a practical perspective, what Dean really reminds me is that my work isn’t over once I type the magical words “The End”.

In fact, the hard work is just beginning.  Luckily for us, indie authors have it so good, with so many resources–many of which are free.

I thought I’d share some here:

1. Derek Murphy’s work at CreativIndie has been very helpful.  I’m grateful for his generosity and his enthusiasm.  Check out his wonderful blog article/omnibus on How to Self Publish a Book.

2. Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s business blog for writers is amazing.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about her blog posts.  Check her out.  The sheer volume of practical and business knowledge she shares is just astonishing.

3. Joanna Penn’s Creative Penn.   This is the one that I first started reading after I found her podcast.  She’s decided to double down on content this year for 2017 so enjoy the bounty of writing and publishing content she is going to unleash! I support her Patreon and love her enthusiasm and positivity.


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