It’s been a week of granular details as Ken and I worked through revisions from our editor and the Amazon KPD process.

To the presses!

There were a number of different things we didn’t think about until we were knee deep in it, including crucial details like whether the title was in ALL CAPS or if we should use a COLON or a COMMA.

You can see that we clearly needed to just resume writing our second book, right?

But what a joy to finally press “SUBMIT” and upload our first book COLD WAR: Alien Incursion (Book 1) in the Cold War series to the mighty Amazon.

What’s next? In addition to powering through Book 2, there’s a short story we are working on completing, also set in the Cold War world circa 2105.  The informal name of that project has been “Gunny’s Day Off” and we are thrilled with our cover for this short:


Because we’re early in our writing adventure, I can see that shorter fiction helps us hone our craft. We get rapid feedback from our editor and beta readers, and we can turn things around a little faster, which helps since both of us already work two dayjobs.

Thanks for coming along for the ride!


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