StoryShop Podcast

In contrast to the Self Publishing Podcast, which features the same three writers, the StoryShop Podcast is a compact and helpful resource. Length: 25 min. Format: a 9 episode series, not including the intro episode.  I blasted through these in two nights of walking the dog.  All three of the authors contribute, and it is very interesting […]

Can Just Anyone Be A Writer?

Of course.  It is what Nike’s ad genius once said.  “Just Do It.”  I was recently in France and I was able to walk miles – in museums, along the Seine, into churches and past street booksellers. Yes, the book is still art in France and these booksellers each keep a box that they lock […]

How To Write a Novella in 24 Hours Review

How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours Author: Andrew Mayne Length: Short I am a subscriber to Kindle Unlimited.  As a result, since I read on a Kindle, I have no idea the page length of the book.  I read a lot of non-fiction, probably a dozen a month either actually reading or listening […]


Though I have been writing at night, after the routine of dinner, homework, bathtime, storytime and my evening stroll with the dog, I occasionally write early in the morning.  But I prefer to go hiking instead.  Sometimes you catch a deer crossing too. The conflict remains one of time allocation.  I can write or I […]

The Story Grid Podcast

This is a relatively young podcast (less than a year old) and I came across it after the co-host Tim Grahl was a guest on The Creative Penn.  I absolutely love it. Tim is the aspiring fiction writer, who comes to the podcast after nearly a decade of launching writers and his co-host is Shawn […]

Self Publishing Podcast

I had never heard of these folks, but it was mentioned on an episode of The Creative Penn Podcast so I checked it out. I tried 2 episodes and couldn’t even get half way through the 2nd episode. The three hosts, Sean, Johnny, and Dave have co-authored a number of successful series and they apparently […]

The Creative Penn Podcast

A genuinely useful podcast for aspiring fiction writers.


In my day job, I write a lot.  Thousands and thousands of words.  I am sure I have written millions of words during my professional career.  But when I think about writing for fun, I probably have not written more than 10 hours in the last five years.  Very far from achieving those 10,000 hours. […]