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Renegade Profiles: Author Eric Michael Craig

JV: Eric, tell me who would play you in a movie? Play me in a movie? Wow that is a tough question. He’d have to be an ugly cuss that’s for sure. 😉 If you mean who would be able to act the story of my life in a movie I might actually lean in a direction that my...

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RENEGADE PROFILES: Author Carol J. Marshall

Author Carol James Marshall JV: Who would play you in a movie? Is Predator a real answer, because that’s who I’d want to play me. It’s probably reverse as in I want to be Predator, but meh. JV: Day jobs before you starting writing fulltime? I worked for my local...

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Writing is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

When I was getting in my daily wordcount for NaNoWriMo, I was often struck by how much writing felt like running.  At the early stage in both activities, MORE is just MORE.  So more words tended to just be good to get down, regardless of the quality.  Similarly, my...

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So You Want A Plasma Rail Gun Of Your Very Own?

One of the very fun aspects of writing near future science fiction is researching the weaponry of the future.  It all started with my husband laughing at me because I used the term "raygun". He was like, "Nobody says raygun, anymore."  Ok.  So what do they say?...

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The Story Grid Workshop with Shawn Coyne

People like me need structure.  Even if I did write my entire NaNoWriMo project by the seat of my pants, I like to know that the overall story spine is there, and that everything works.  Listening to the Story Grid podcast all year and working through the book, The...

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RENEGADE PROFILES: Author Barry J. Hutchison

Author Barry J. Hutchison JV: Barry, tell me who would play you in a movie? Easy. Adam West in his Batman days. Seriously, I wouldn’t even hold auditions, I’d just call him up and offer him the part. He’d have to learn to do a Scottish accent, but being arguably the...

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It’s Monday – Just Keep Swimming

I had the flu. It knocked me out. I must have slept 15 hours on Saturday. Chills, fever, body ache. I was suffering. I was miserable. Then my fever broke, and I felt vaguely human again, utterly thrashed to be sure, but the horrible headache was gone. And just like...

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RENEGADE PROFILES: Author Julian St. Aubyn Green

JV: Julian, tell me who would play you in a movie? I don’t think I’ve ever done anything exciting enough to be in a movie. After enough booze, and on a good day, women tell me I look a bit like Karl Urban. I’ll choose him. JV: Good choice. Dayjobs before you went...

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