Nail Your Opening Line With Tips From The Great Masters

It's hard to write that first hook.  You want to grab your reader, drag them right into your story...but how? I struggled to do this so I just started pulling books off the shelf.  Some of these opening paragraphs (or even just the first sentence) really nail that...

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Techology + Teamwork = Magic

When Writers Get Together and Use Instafreebie I wanted to start building a newsletter mailing list of science fiction fans for the launch of Cold War.  So I started from zero.  After Ken formatted our book on Draft2Digital, I put it up on Instafreebie.  The first few...

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Using Data Science To Pick Your Reading List

Who are your favorite authors? What are your favorite books? If you have a voracious reading appetite and have finished up the stack on your desk, or the purchases on your Kindle, what do you do next? Amazon has figured you out.  They serve you up the "also boughts"...

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DIY Package Templates from Creative Indie Saved My Sanity

It's not going to be a surprise when I say, I like to write.  But these days, being a writer also means that you need to tackle a host of other areas, such as marketing your books.  I'm learning the ropes of book marketing, but mostly just concentrating on writing....

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So You Want A Plasma Rail Gun Of Your Very Own?

One of the very fun aspects of writing near future science fiction is researching the weaponry of the future.  It all started with my husband laughing at me because I used the term "raygun". He was like, "Nobody says raygun, anymore."  Ok.  So what do they say?...

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The Story Grid Workshop with Shawn Coyne

People like me need structure.  Even if I did write my entire NaNoWriMo project by the seat of my pants, I like to know that the overall story spine is there, and that everything works.  Listening to the Story Grid podcast all year and working through the book, The...

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Using Dictation in Writing

As the old adage goes, "How do you eat an elephant?" One bite at a time. That's how I have been looking at increasing writing speed.  When I read Andrew Mayne's "How to Write a Novella in 24 Hours" I recognized that many of his tips were about chipping away at the...

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Write To Market: Deliver a Book That Sells

The inventory at Kindle Unlimited continues to grow and I'm glad I splurged at the beginning and paid for a discounted bulk annual price.  Chris Fox is a new favorite of mine and this book is no exception.  He has a direct informative style that I really appreciate....

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Writing a Fight Scene? Get it Right.

Write The Fight Right by Alan Baxter Who doesn't love a little hand to hand combat? Problem is, if you're not a brawler yourself, you could spend hours watching and re-watching television and movie fight scenes but still have difficulty describing it when it comes...

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Scene Mapping With Scrivener

So in my last post, I talked about how Rachel Aaron recommends making a scene map. Since I own Scrivener, I imported my MS Word file from NaNoWriMo (100+ pages!) into Scrivener and now I have a great visual way to see my story with the Corkboard view. Here's the...

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You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One)

You Are a Writer By: Jeff Goins I've raved about Kindle Unlimited before and yet again, I find it yields a treasure trove of good non-fiction resources.  Jeff Goins has a massive following for his blog and I actually had no idea who he was, except that people on other...

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