DIY Package Templates from Creative Indie Saved My Sanity

It’s not going to be a surprise when I say, I like to write.  But these days, being a writer also means that you need to tackle a host of other areas, such as marketing your books.  I’m learning the ropes of book marketing, but mostly just concentrating on writing. The first challenge I observed […]

Using Amazon to Market Your Books For You – Six Figure Author by Chris Fox

That’s my alternative title to Chris Fox’s Six Figure Author: Using Data to Sell Books: Write Faster, Write Smarter: Premise:  this book is largely about using Amazon’s algorithms because iBooks isn’t doing anything like this (yet).  What I really like about this book is the exercises.  (The featured robot image is from the word cloud […]

Using Websites To Grow Your Business with Linda Jones

Today, some technical tips for you and your writing business courtesy of Linda Jones, Founder + CEO of Taykoff. ————————————- As a writer, we know websites are vital to our business.  They are an avenue for building a following and showcasing our work.  But, how can we create one?  As a writer, web design isn’t our strong […]

Your First 1000 Copies Review

Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book Author: Tim Grahl Length: Compact, quick read but bonus content available online If there were a theme to Tim Grahl’s book, Your First 1000 Copies, it might be “There is No Easy Button.” Either that or, “Slow and Steady Wins the Day.”   This […]