Remember Geordi La Forge in Star Trek The Next Generation? Of course you do. Now his VISOR headset is real and it is helping the blind see.  Say What? Yes.  Read this.

This is one of the more magical impacts of science fiction, when creators have the foresight to create something that improves lives.  In this case, the moving story of a young woman being able to see her husband and her infant son was enough to bring me to happy tears.

Virtual Reality Goggles?

While spaceships, plasma blasters, aliens invasions, and space colonies are all very well and good, something so powerful as to restore sight is really a cut above.

When writers are out there worldbuilding, trying to create a special place where things like this can happen, the magic becomes reality when ideas move out of the realm of ideas and into the real life.

Featured Photo Credit: Pricenfees  via Compfight cc

Virtual Reality Goggles Photo Credit: Kurayba Flickr via Compfight cc

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